Our history

Since 2001, the Republican public organization Special Olympics of Uzbekistan has been dealing with the development of sports among people with mental disabilities in Uzbekistan. Director of the organization Tursymuratova Gulshat.
The Special Olympics of Karakalpakstan, created in 2005 under the Women’s Committee of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, whose goal is to create a positive image of people with mental disabilities as personalities, means of physical education and sports, pooling the efforts of coaches, athletes, teachers, doctors, and members of the public to assist in the development of disabled people as equal members of society; at present, it unites the efforts of society to protect rights and provide opportunities to work I am a sportsman, win competitions and enjoy life.
At the “Special Olympics of Karakalpakstan” the following programs are implemented: “Healthy Athlete”, “Family Program”, “Sports Program”, “Small Athlete”, “Leadership”, “Young Athlete”, “Unite”, “Join”, which help children with disabilities opportunities to restore their health, and which is in constant contact with parents, creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, and promotes the wide participation of people with disabilities in public life. This is not only sports games, it covers cultural events (visiting theaters, museums, parks, zoos, organizing hiking trips), health improvement, creative work, children’s birthdays are celebrated, and the rights of children with disabilities are protected.

Athletes of the Special Olympics of Karakalpakstan participated in the Special Olympic Games held on a national, national and international scale, at the Games held among the countries of Central Asia and Russia. In these competitions, they occupied leading places and were invited to the World Summer Special Olympics in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China.
This is Nurniyazov Omirniyaz, he participated well and won the I-place, a gold medal. Anar Allambergenova, a pupil of special boarding school No. 3, who took the IV place in table tennis, as well as Nietullaeva Aigul, who studies at home and took the VI place, Khaitanov Ikram, an I-group disabled person living in Nukus on N Street, also participated. Sarajeva 43, who took the IV place.
Guided tours of the museums of Nukus, tours of industrial organizations, such as SMAK LLC, tours of historical and holy places are organized, holidays and birthdays of the participants are celebrated, social assistance is provided, wheelchairs were given, with the sponsorship of the Museum named after A. Shamuratova, Ecosan Funds, Soglom Avlod Uchun, private individuals.

Also, hot dinners are organized in restaurants and cafes, attend cinema, theaters, circus and concert programs.
Playing sports, especially valuable prizes and medals make children happy, help them forget their illness at least temporarily, and they have a desire to demonstrate their skills and talents.
Among the participants of the Special Olympics of Karakalpakstan there are children and adults who draw, sew, join in carpentry, do paper weaving, have a desire to do knitting in other directions.
Competitions were held in football, indoor soccer, table tennis, athletics, gymnastics, badminton, and basketball.
In August 2012, the Special Olympics of Karakalpakstan won the grant competition of the Civil Initiatives Support Fund under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

According to the content of the project, 15 girls are engaged in sewing, beading, paper modeling, they have a desire to engage in knitting in other areas.

Programs include competitions of athletes with various categories. The project involves representatives of organizations developing wheelchair sports, including Paralympic, Deaflympics, children with intellectual disabilities and others.
The basic principle :
– turn a sporting event into a holiday that will be remembered by children for a long time, will attract them to sports, make them believe in themselves.
– the priority is not the competitive, but the unifying function of the sport.
Participants and sports:

Children and adults 3 years and older

-Table tennis
-Football, futsal

Targets and goals :

The main goal: to facilitate the process of social rehabilitation of children with disabilities through the holding of mass sports competitions.


– improving the health of competitors;
– attracting public attention to the problem of the development of children’s and adult disabled sports through widespread media coverage of competitions;

– Formation of the tradition of conducting children and adult disabled competitions.

– The uniqueness of the strategic plan is that for the first time in the history of domestic children’s and adult sports, a system of sports competitions for children with disabilities is being created. This allows us to talk about a new stage in the development of society.

– The total number of participants in children and adults with disabilities is 500 people.

– The venue for the main events (the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, sports competitions) is the largest sports complexes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan of the city of Nukus, “Turan” stadium, DYUSSH-1-2 (MANEZH), Republican Tennis School, College of Olympic Reserves.

– Special Olympic Games are implemented with the financial support of the Women’s Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Public Education, various NGOs, as well as through charitable organizations and private individuals and entrepreneurs ..

Children with disabilities realize their importance, begin to perceive the world in a different way. They have a lot of new acquaintances. Children learn behaviors outside the boarding school, and those who learn at home behaviors outside the home. They really liked, for example, to ride on buses when a trip to the historic places of Shylpyk and Karatau was organized. The guys competed even near Shylpyk on the run and pulled the ropes.
… In a word, they are fully aware of their responsibility. To become even more serious, purposeful. The help is often small, but even the sweet prizes provided by private entrepreneurs, the guys are very pleased …
They realize that they still have a lot to learn, a lot to do to justify their hopes.
Many people have penetrated the ideology of the special Olympic movement and become our volunteer assistants, especially young people, which makes us very happy
Our organization is also helped by the trainer of the Republican Specialized Boarding School No. 3 in Khojeyli District, in the city of Nukus, trainers of auxiliary boarding schools, trainers and teachers of secondary schools (especially school No. 37, No. 3), psychologists, parents themselves, volunteers.

Among the most active athletes, Leaders are formed, which help to attract new children and adults with disabilities, help when training new ones, and even help when sponsoring letters.
Organization Mission

The mission of Special Olympics is to organize year-round training and competitions in various Olympic sports for children and adults with mental disabilities, which creates constant opportunities for improving physical fitness, demonstrating courage, gaining joy and participating in the development of talents, skills and friendly relations together with family members, other Special Olympics athletes, and society at large.

Target Special Olympics

The main goal of Special Olympics is to help people with intellectual disabilities become full members of society who are productively involved in public life, by providing these people with fair opportunities to demonstrate their skills and talents in sports and by informing the public about their capabilities and needs.